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At Texas Air King LLC in Plano, TX, we consider our reputation as our most important investment. Whether we are installing a new heating system or repairing your air conditioning unit, we will strive to earn your confidence by doing a fantastic job.

"A Texas Legacy"

My name is Chuck Best; my friends call me “Coach.” I am the Managing Partner of Texas Air King. QUESTION: Have you ever gotten home from a day’s work and asked yourself, “why am I doing what I’m doing for a living?” For me & my partner, this question has been an epiphany. I don’t want to get to the end of my days and look back with regret, sensing that I missed God’s chosen purposes for me. My partner and I share a larger vision of what we are going to do from here. We want to leave a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren with a family business that they will be proud of generations from now. We want to employ people with jobs/careers that are so amazing, that they would never want to work anywhere else. We want to minister to people through the interactive endeavors that we undertake in the community. We deeply desire to minister to people through good, honest value and service; so much so that our customer’s would never want to go to any other company. We want to honor God through our efforts. This doesn’t come by being perfect (I can assure you that we are not), but it does come by seeing a need and making every good faith effort to meet that need. It means putting our customer’s first, with gratitude that they have chosen us to meet their home comfort needs.

Our mission is the basic “Golden Rule” with a down home twist. Our aim is “to do Texans right.”

With all of that in mind, thank you for checking out The Texas Air King website. My prayer is that you will give our company a serious look in addressing your home comfort needs. We hope to talk to you soon!

Sincerely, "Coach"