Dependable Heating & Cooling Solutions for Homeowners

Here is what you will get when you choose us:

  • Fast, friendly service
  • Knowledgeable staff that will simplify the process for you
  • Comprehensive evaluations that will make your options clear
  • Spend less on utility bills
  • Get rid of allergies
  • Increased comfort in your home
  • Technicians you will love having around

Our Process

“Should I REPAIR or REPLACE my old AC SYSTEM?”

At Texas Air King, we believe that INFORMATION is POWER. We will apprise you of your options…ALL of your options.

Let's Talk

We will begin by talking with you about your comfort needs and any problems you may be having with your current air conditioning system. We feel it is important to help educate you as to how air conditioning works. We will inquire about any rooms that are too hot or cold. We will also ask about any problems you may be having with allergies, excessive dust, etc. We will also ask about your energy bills and see how they compare with energy efficient homes that are similar in size.

Checking Current System Performance

Next we will evaluate your current system is performing and make sure your existing duct work can properly handle the new high efficiency system we are designing for your home. We will also look at the level of insulation in your attic to make sure your existing insulation is doing an adequate job of keeping summer heat from leaking into your home.

Rating Your System

Now that we have a complete understanding of your home's current heat load and measurement data on your existing heating and cooling system, we will be able to give you an overview of the PROS & CONS of replacing your old system, or repairing it.

Our Recommendations

Once we have completed the necessary information gathering we will determine the best options to meet your comfort and energy savings desires. We will then present you with the options that best meet your specific needs and budget. How much would a thorough repair project cost? What are the new system options? Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make a wise, well informed decision.


Once you have decided on the system or repair option that best meets your needs, we will schedule a time to do your installation or repair work. New system Installs typically take one day, but can take longer if duct replacement and other upgrades are being installed. Every effort will be taken to make sure your home is protected during the process. Drop cloths and shoe covers will be used to protect your carpet and all construction debris will be removed by our technicians. Once the job has been completed, we will test the new heating and cooling system and make sure it performs properly and delivers balanced comfort to each room in your home.